Developing & implementing projects

The cooperation with architects in developing technical and creative solutions for interiors is an important topic for fides interiors. Fides develops the ideas of architects and designers and takes care of the details, including realization and regular implementation. We can draw on many years of experience in planning as well as in the handicraft and technical field.

We also compile tender documents relating to furniture for construction projects of various kinds.

Our common goal: complete and tested solutions for our customers, unique projects that are the result of teamwork.

Unique projects

that are the result of teamwork.

Planning & realising general concepts

Nothing should be left to chance when it comes to interior design or refurbishment. On the basis of an exact needs assessment, we plan rooms for living and working that are close to perfection. We combine materials such as wood, metal, glass, stone, various floor coverings, exclusive furniture, heat sources, selected textiles and wall colours into a harmonious ensemble. We design and manufacture to measure, incorporate a harmonious lighting concept and sophisticated acoustic planning and offer technical innovations.

The plus we offer our customers: true to size drawing and manufacture, a harmonious lighting concept and well thought-out acoustic planning, rounded off by technical innovations.

Whether it is a new construction, reconstruction or renovation: our interior design makes you to be all smiles.

In this context, we give particular importance to all-round project support, from the first draft to completion, coordination of the professionals involved, and supervision of works where required. At every stage of planning, consultation and implementation, your trust is our motivation!

Whether it is a new construction, reconstruction or renovation:

our interior design makes you to be all smiles.

Emphasizing & upvaluing spaces

Armchair or sofa? Mirror or object of art? The right carpet, exquisite pieces of furniture, objets d’art or harmoniously combined light sources give your rooms that special touch. This applies both to living areas and workplaces. Therefore, these elements are naturally included in our planning procedures.

Sometimes though it is necessary to enhance already existing spaces setting special accents:

another floor, matching wall colours, chairs, armchairs, mirrors, lighting fixtures or special artwork, which become an eye-catcher and transforms a common room in a special place.

We closely cooperate with deliverers of exclusive and unique accessories, we act as consultants and arrange the purchase for you!

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