The tap that does it all

The advantages of a Quooker tap

With a Quooker system in your kitchen you always have instant 100°C boiling water alongside regular hot and cold. Add a Quooker CUBE and you will also have filtered chilled and sparkling water – all from the same tap.

Boiling water always available. Very useful from early in the morning to just before bedtime. Discover all the things you can do with a Quooker.

Nothing wrong with the good old electric kettle or whistling kettle. But when you list all the advantages of the Quooker, there's no competition. This is why a Quooker adds so much to your household.

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With a Quooker system you reduce water and energy consumption, have more kitchen space, save time, and have less waste!

A Quooker is considered a kitchen appliance because it is useful for constant household use. It is thought of as tea and coffee making, but it is much more than that. Whether peeling tomatoes, blanching vegetables, cleaning pans, gently reheating baby food or cleaning grease filters, the Quooker will surprise you with all its functions. By adding the CUBE, you also get fresh sparkling and still water.

Quooker faucets save energy and resources. They fit perfectly into the kitchen design and create countertop space. Each Quooker is operated by a distinctive rotating ring and provides maximum safety with separate flow tubes.

How a Quooker works

The Quooker system consists of a small tank in the kitchen cupboard that is linked to the boiling water tap on the worktop. The tank acts like a vacuum flask connected to the water mains. The air in the insulated wall is so thin that the heat is unable to escape.

It therefore takes very little energy (just 10 watts) to keep the water in the tank at 110°C. The water only starts to boil when the tap is turned on and the temperature of the outflowing water drops to 100°C. While the water is flowing out of the tap, fresh water immediately flows into the tank.

If you only need boiling water, then the PRO3 (3 litres) or PRO7 (7 litres) is sufficient. But if you have a boiler that is more than six metres from your tap, the COMBI tank is a good choice. This produces boiling water (at a true 100°C). but also hot water (40-60°C, enabling you to save water and energy.


This function makes life in the kitchen even easier. It saves you time and space, it means you no longer need to use plastic bottles and it is completely safe. To dispense sparkling water, press and turn at the same time. The illuminated ring that turns red to indicate boiling water now flashes blue: sparkling water comes out of the tap. And if you hold down the button for slightly longer and then turn it, you get filtered water. So it’s impossible to dispense boiling water when you want sparkling water.

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